The mission of Launchpad is to build, transform and lift faith communities.  One of the ways that we accomplish this in "Mission Control" for our faith community partners is to strengthen their organizational and business practices, thus creating a launchpad for your faith community's growth.   Launchpad provides support in the areas of administration, database, finance, and communications (online and off-line). The advantages of this are three-fold:

  • Unburdens staff and volunteers from these administrative tasks and reduces volunteer burn-out

  • Allows human and financial resources to be re-directed to the core faith missions

  • Provides more sophisticated and comprehensive tools than the partner might have been able to acquire and implement on their own, particularly for smaller and mid-size faith communities

Put simply, effective operational practices and tools create the foundation upon which faith communities build ministries and missions.  Good operations enable a faith community to make progress towards achieving vision, mission and goals.  Great operations, as provided by Launchpad, can serve as an accelerator of progress. 

Launchpad also offers consulting on areas of church governance and management in need of support for various congregations.  This includes supporting the congregation's giving or fundraising campaign, their efforts to clarify roles and relationships, to develop goals, mission, and vision, and to adopt a more missional, or service-oriented, stance in relationship to the wider community.

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