What a time to be in ministry! 

Don’t try to do it alone. Join us.


Now enrolling: Ministry Labs!
A 12-month virtual learning collaborative + in-person retreat

Ministry Labs support the stretching and searching and experimenting of religious leaders exploring covenantal partnerships, multisite, and new UU religious communities.

This is an opportunity for religious leaders who are either:          - engaged in current covenantal partnerships. 
        - envisioning embarking on a covenantal partnership.
        - have just begun a partnership .

The groups meet monthly in the Parker Palmer Circles of Trust style with learning shared among participants.  This program allows religious leaders to learn from one another as well as to share those learnings with congregational life staff. The groups gather around a struggle and help one another to re-enliven current covenantal partnerships or begin new ones.

Ministry Labs are guided by incredible facilitators, Rev. Tandi Rogers or Arif Mamdani. We meet virtually every month and cultivate courage, evaluate experimentation, and build into our theory of economies of authenticity. In economies of authenticity, skills or training are traded amongst peers to build the learning collective. From August 2018 to July 2019, leaders come together to work on projects, hold each other accountable, and see massive transformation and growth as a team.

Additionally, Ministry Labs starts off with a 2 day gathering retreat in the Twin Cities on August 12-13. Lodging and food is provided, but not airfare/transportation. This intimate gathering is a time of nourishment and celebration. 

Ministry Labs membership only costs $350. To join a Ministry Lab, simply fill out an application and a team member will reach out. You'll have a call where we review the process and answer all of your questions. 

There are no experts here.  This is is raw, honest growth with companions doing the same within a framework of deep learning. We invite you to join us. Apply Now.



Life is short.  And the world has been waiting.
Are you finally ready?
Is your community ready?
Ready to come alive?
To reach out?
To break free?
To do holy things with some radical joy?
Are you ready for lift-off?
If you're thinking, "Yes," we'd love to help make it happen.

We are a LAUNCHPAD for liberating faith.

Your challenge isn't a shortage of dreams.  There is no dream famine.  The challenge is building capacity for that dream--the operational muscle to make big things happen, the leadership skills to weave together a powerhouse team, the strategic know-how to do what you have not done before.  And the ongoing assurance to sustain you for the journey.  Launchpad helps congregations go farther than they thought possible. 

We have three central program areas:

  • Launchpad Core (adaptive solutions for congregations, multi-site ministry, and church planting)
  • Faith Rocket (comprehensive theme-based ministry)
  • Mission Control (backend administration including communications)

Whatever your big dreams, we want to support you.  After all, every voyage to the stars begins with a Launchpad.

Our congregation has worked in partnership with Launchpad for almost two years. With them handling communication, database and bookkeeping, we can focus on our mission. They’re reliable, responsive and fun.
- Rev. Laura Bogle, Foothills UU Fellowship


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