Launchpad CORE 

Launchpad understands that fundamental skillsets are required for a faith community to reach its full potential.  We meet these needs by providing the training and awareness that allows for growth and prosperity.  These prerequisite aptitudes include: understanding group dynamics, holding space for differences, developing a clear and shared vision, negotiating change while holding on to shared values, finding consensus without forfeiting authenticity, and establishing clear roles/procedures/responsibilities.  We provide the needed balance in the inescapable continuum between strengthening interpersonal relationships and establishing the necessary logistical considerations.  We recognize that our faith community partner’s vision can only become an actuality through thoughtful and intentional preparation.

Launchpad Core operates as a learning collective. We believe in ongoing relationship to facilitate learning. Rather than coming in with one directional services, we seek to pair innovators in the field, encourage experimentation, and build on impact.


How we work with you

A thorough and comprehensive pre-assessment informs how we direct our benefits for each community.  As a result, our community partners are guaranteed an experience developed to address their specific and unique needs.  We have three types of partners in this work. 
Sparks: Innovators who take risks with creative ideas

Rocket Boosters: Folks with experience and skills who want to connect with colleagues in the field
Scientists: Experienced innovators with the ability to serve as teachers and mentors, to lead large scale experiments


Launchpad will be there long after the training sessions are over.  Our continued coaching and ongoing feedback helps to hone those new-found skills.  This enduring relationship serves to support lay leaders as they carry out the vision of the group. By establishing this rock-solid foundation, our community partners are assured to be on a firm footing while transforming their hopes and dreams into realities.  Our shared goal is to nurture inspired trailblazers - who can initiate, lead, and sustain meaningful, transformative faith communities.  In short... our success is measured by your success.


Multi-Site Ministry

Our multi-site ministry program walks beside faith communities eager to magnify the voice and reach of a liberating faith. 

What is a multi-site ministry?

Multi-site creates sustainable ways to foster multiple gatherings or satellites connected to a single congregation or faith community.  Multi-site ministry reduces the start-up burdens on new communities, creates better accountability and responsibility as well as giving existing faith communities an innovative and invigorating approach.

We offer a tested 18-month launch plan that includes comprehensive recommendations, viability assessments and systemic requirements that ensure sustainability.  Included in our services are onsite visits, multimedia trainings, ongoing virtual meetings and constant, steady support.  We begin with an assessment of the site as well as a review of your community's current resources, vision and a projected likelihood of success.


Cross Cultural Engagement

Our cross cultural engagement and inclusion services assist communities in responding to the increasingly diversified national demographics, particular cultural trends regionally, and national movements grounded in anti-racism.  We seek to assist communities in understanding the particular meaning of diversity in their context and develop strategic experiments that will develop their cross-cultural engagement and fluency.

Creating a diverse and inclusive community happens only with intention.  What does it mean to be intentional?  It means to have a holistic approach to decisions that are made for the community.  One of the ways to be intentional with regards to diversity is creating space for conversations about privilege, whiteness and race.  Without these conversations, led by skilled facilitators, meaningful and lasting inclusion and diversity will be difficult to achieve.  The process is part of the product and working toward an inclusive vision.


Ministry Labs

Ministry Labs are small groups of six to eight Sparks and Rocket Boosters guided by one of our Scientists. They meet monthly via Zoom in order to cultivate courage, evaluate experimentation, and build into our theory of economies of authenticity. In economies of authenticity, skills or training are traded amongst peers to build the learning collective. Leaders come together to work on projects, hold each other accountable, and see massive transformation and growth as a team.

Additionally, Ministry Labs starts off with a 2 day gathering retreat in the Twin Cities on August 12-13. Lodging and food is provided, but not airfare/transportation. This intimate gathering is a time of nourishment and celebration. 

Ministry Labs membership only costs $350. To join a Ministry Lab, simply fill out an application and a team member will reach out. You'll have a call where we review the process and answer all of your questions. 

There are no experts here.  This is is raw, honest growth with companions doing the same within a framework of deep learning. We invite you to join us. Apply Now.